Vampires counter-attack – SwitchyDub feat MonkeyD

[R]* – Tell me what (do) you wanta what (do) you need blood sucker
(I) don’t wanna waste my time with you deep liar
Now go back in your areaa (you’re) ruined Empire
Nowa watch out again – Me & my squad stand higher
– All* X2 –
[C1] – Focusa on the consequencies. Now take a look arounda this world
Choices – Now evaluate – before hope evaporates
An uplifting uprising is about to comea (that) would be overkill
This ground is overgrowna this garden is under control
Try to be grateful for this gift – life – faithful before it drifts
Don’t be resentful to my reactionsa this (is) an answer to your actions
Balance was brokena cause you need money more than humans
Now chains and guns fix the rulesa but a revolution can fix the roots
[C2]* – Blood sucking vampires are trying to keep us down
So many times on the ground but we will never back down
Listen up – Then if you flick the switcha we’ll erupt
And if you don’t carea this (is) gonna be some fire down there
– All* X2 –
10) War of the Gods Feat imanytree
And the time has now come !
You got me to the breakpoint see Iyah got fed up
Brace meself already me rise and me gwann straight up
Doubts erased dub loaded lyrics me gwann boom shot
Clear sight while mi side the light this yo last episode
Longtime you fi try blur me mind get me blind back off !
Standing in light and love fi fill me heart way up !
Puppet master a pull a string it just get cutt’ off
Jah arise Evil a fall see the spear strikes up !
Chorus :
Sharp words hit the beast
And it just cyan take it
Sharp words hit the beast
And it cyan resist it ! (bis)
Just spreading love through the words
sharp like sword hey !
So the love shall conquer
But is love good enough ?
Doubt is a twinge that reveal a precious thing
Symptomatic of the reason’s conflict
Good over evil but how do you define it ?
Doubt is symptomatic of a free will
God is bridge and you can walk toward Him
and you can also burn it Him won’t prevent it
Cyan mek you love Love cause love must be free
A so Jah is Love and the love must be free
Ah it must it must be free
love must be free
yeah just spreading those words